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Non-Immigrant “M” (Non-M): to work as a film-producer / crew, journalist or reporter

1.    Biodata page of valid Passport or Travel Document (with validity not less 6 months)

2.    Two recent (3.5 x 4.5 cm.) photographs of the applicant, taken within the past six months

3.    For media personnel;

3.1   Letter of reference from the headquarters of the applicant’s agency

3.2   Profile of the agency

3.3   Registration of the news agency in Thailand

3.4   Evidence of the news agency’s registration with the Thai government or an overseas government

3.5  Profile of the applicant

3.6 Police Record issued by the country of which the applicant is a national or by his/ her country of residence

3.7   Evidence of approval from the Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

*** The applicant must contact the Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, to make an appointment once he/she arrives in Thailand. Tel: +66 2203 5000 ext. 22906  For more information, please visit


4.    For film crew;

4.1 Permit letter issued by the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand

4.2 Letter of reference from the coordinating agency in Thailand

4.3 Copy of the Thai coordinator’s ID card or passport

5.    In case of short term / short notice travel to Thailand / accompanying government delegation / entering the Kingdom to report on international event such as international meetings and sporting events, journalists and reporters can obtain Non-B visas.

6.    Yellow Fever Certificate

7.    Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary



สถานเอกอัครราชทูต ณ กรุงบราซิเลีย Royal Thai Embassy,

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